So its that time again!

Get a bargain in the O.P.R U47 FET Pre Sales Special with $100.00 off The retail price.




The O.P.R U47 Fet is our very own 1:1 replica of the original U47 Fet which was manufactured from 1969 through to 1986.

The O.P.R U47 was made possible by exactingly following the original schematics and producing our very own hand made K47/49 Capsule, which is precision machined, hand tuned to original Fet 47 spec, in house here in Melbourne Australia.

True to the original our K47 capsule utilities single, shared back-plate design with center-terminated 6-micron Mylar diaphragms, setup for a fixed Cardioid polar pattern.

The U47 Fet Circuit is essentially discrete op–amp circuit which drives driving our (HUGE) FetU47 output transformer resulting in a rich, thick sound with an amazing transient attack as well as the ability to endure extremely high sound-pressure levels of up to 147dB, with the 10dB pad switched engaged, so it's perfectly at home on ultra-loud sources like bass and guitar cabinets, kick drums, brass instruments. Etc This is not to say that it isn't more than perfectly suited to softer sources as it's also a wonderful mix ready vocal mic and has plenty of transient detail for acoustic instruments.

Good things come to those who wait!  

As always, patience is a virtue with pre-sales specials, as it will take around 12 weeks for them to be ready so it would be Mid to late July for the mics to be ready for you

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Download some A/B examples of the O.P.R U47 FET VS an original early 1970's Neumann U47 Fet!