"OPR 87 U-MOD" bridges the gap between the OPR87 and OPR-U87 1:1 Clone. I wanted to offer a more cost effective option that would offer more of the U87's sound but at a price point that's more accessible. The goal of the OPR 87 U-MOD was to get as close as possible to the original while retaining most of the OPR87 parts and without the extensive and expensive rebuilding as is done OPR U87 1:1 clone,which is still well worth it BTW as  it's as close to the original as it gets!

The OPR U-Mod 87 certainly holds it's own.

 In a nutshell, I rework the capsule and add the same negative feedback tone shaping circuit you would find in the original U87, which BTW is "Key" to sonic footprint of the Vintage U87i sound. In addition selected signal path components are replaced as well as adjustment that further improve l fidelity and headroom of the amplifier.

The results are much closer to the sound the Vintage "U87i" With it's forward midrange and a smooth yet detailed tops.

​Please keep in mind that U-MOD mics are custom built to order and take a week or so to built and ready to ship.

Prices are excluding GST