Working through a batch of these babies!


 So its that time again!

Get a bargain in the Grill restocking special. The stock Grill is normally priced at $350.00 AUD plus GST GST for Australian Customers! special price is $250.00 AUD Plus GST They come with aluminum flight cases a pouch and shock mount!

Postage will be $25.00 per mic or $30.00 for a pair (Australia wide, registered and insured).

International shipping is $75 AUD registered and insured





The Grill ribbon mic,like the famous Royer 121, is based on the classic Bang and Olufsen BM5s. It has a native figure 8 polar pattern and medium ribbon length with long path design, this coupled with the tubular slotted body results in a smooth, warm sound with controlled a proximity effect. Perfect for close miking, electric guitar cabinets, horns, strings, drums and smooth vocals. The Grill will reproduce the sound of anything that you put in front of it with incredible warmth and realism!


Did someone say mods?

Enter the O.P.R Ultimate mod. or U-MOD

We use our own custom made toroidal transformer for lowest possible noise and and the highest fidelity.This coupled with a handmade ribbon, crafted from 1.8 um 99.9% pure aluminium and tuned to perfection to creates the ribbon mic ultimate mod! This mod coverts a great entry level ribbon mic into a boutique work of art that will compare to mics costing many times the price!

The mods bring an extra level of fidelity and detail to the sound as well as providing lower noise, distortion as well as increased output and frequency extension at both ends of the audio spectrum.

 If you want to upgrade The Grill to the Grill U-mod the special price is $449.00 normally $549.00 plus GST for Australian Customers!



Good things come to those who wait!  

As always, patience is a virtue with pre-sales specials, as it will take around 12 weeks for them to be ready so late January to mid February for the mics to become available

If you'd like to take part in the special click on one of the buttons below!



Royer 121 On a Budget - OPR The Grill - SHOOTOUT

Leon Todd   www.ragdollrock.bandcamp.com

ARTISTS :Kalacoma's Debut [EP] Spiral Eyes. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Nick Herrera. Video Directed by Kalacoma, Filmed by Sam Tansey, Editing and special effects by Alan Erpi.

The Grill on Guitars

Jeremy Diffy

Conflict - BEllart BElls



ANIMUS Mayfair kytes string recording.facebook.com/pages/Mayfair-Kytes

Recorded at bortsford convent by Nick Herrera


GRILL on Violin and Rocket on Cello

Check out the samples below for some A-B comparisons of Standard vs U-MOD Ribbon mics on various sources!

Heading 1