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At Open Plan Recording the microphones have been created with the goal of producing the ultimate in affordable high performance microphones available today!

We aim to strike the ultimate balance offering superior sound quality and affordability, as the most "sonically" important ingredients prioritized to offer the user the ultimate bang for buck!

The microphones are the result of many years extensive, ongoing research and actually repairing and studying classic, vintage European microphones in order to achieve boutique quality microphones at an affordable price point that can easily stand beside and or exceed the performance of world-renowned classics.


Unlike many other pro audio companies selling microphones we actually build our own capsules and circuits in our high end microphones right here in Australia but also

also offer budget models, that are of the finest quality that modern mass production has to offer and can also be modified and upgraded in the future to grow with your creative demands.

O.P.R Microphones has had the pleasure of serving the music community for well over a decade! So let us know if we can help!


Some music from our customers.

Missy Higgins " You Should Run"

Here's Australia's very own Missy Higgins performing an incredible live in the studio rendition of " You Should Run"track of off of her latest album "The second Act" which BTW features a bunch of O.P.R Microphones! You can pre-order her album by clicking HERE

In this performance missy is singing through our O.P.R PLAN 251 ULTRALUX a Homage to the original

Austrian classic Ela M251 more info HERE

​Filmed and edited by Kane Hibberd Recorded and mixed by Nathan Davis

(Live at Bakehouse Studios Melbourne)

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