Artists using OPR products!

Here's some drum comparisons of the O.P.R of modded line of ribbon mics put together by  Australia's own legendary drum master Darryn Farrugia

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"Ribbon microphone OPR mods", "recording microphone c12 ela m251"Title. Double click me.

Title. Double click me.

OPR 84 on vocal.


The day has come!

Here is the final product of Gortoz a Ran.

I'm so excited to share this song, not only because it's sung in an endangered language, but the meaning is truly beautiful.

I sing because I want to share my voice with the world.

II Guess Those Country Songs Are Finally Getting To Me - The Sweet Jelly Rolls (Love Hz Session)


ANIMUS mayfair kytes string recording


Mayfair Kytes




Audio taken from Kalacoma's Debut [EP] Spiral Eyes. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Nick Herrera. Video Directed by Kalacoma, Filmed by Sam Tansey, Editing and special effects by Alan Erpi.

The April Maze put their twist on a Truckstop Honeymoon track - 'Magnolia Tree' live and acoustic before the King at King Kahuna. Camera, audio and edit by Daniel Nolan


Official video for the Single 'There For', taken from the EP 'Lost for Words Video design by Alan Erpi and Nick Herrera Post Production by Alan Erpi

IMagika - Moreland City Band

Scott Tinkler MD, Jason Chalmers Tenor Sax and Jim Cuomo Soprano Sax.

Jeremy Diffy

Conflict - BEllart BElls

Jeremy Diffey

This is a piece from my album, "imPossibilities: Explorations In Wood & Steel". Available at: It focuses on the wonderful interplay between the Bansuri, Asachan and Contra Alto Clarinet. I hope that you enjoy it!