The O.P. R C12 tube condenser microphone pays homage to a legendary giant of the microphone world, the AKG C12.
Developed by AKG in Vienna Austria in the 1950s, a golden era of sound and microphone development. The AKG C12 is one of the most revered microphones in the history of recorded sound, fetching tens of thousands of dollars in the collectors' market. ​From the simple and elegant physical design, to its minimalist circuit typologies, the O.P. R C12 strives to deliver some of the magic of the greats of the golden era, at a price point everyone access. ​ ​


What we have done with the OPR C12 is maintain the elegant single stage, transformer coupled plate output sound, just like every one of the finest European classics. AKG C12, Telefunken ELA M 251, Neumann U67, U47, M49. in addition, The tube uses same fixed bias operating point critical to the C12 sound.
No short cuts in the form of multi-stage typologies, like the CCDA or cathode follower types commonly found in tube microphones at this price point.


The circuit is hand assembled in Melbourne Australia with quality through hole components, no cheap robot built surface mount production here. What this means is better quality components can be used and the mics are infinitely serviceable so will last a lifetime and then some.


The OPR 12 Capsule is a large diaphragm 34 mm edge terminated capsule. Which shares a similar sonic fingerprint to the original Ck12 but with a much simplified internal construction that allows it to be manufactured at a much lower price point. These capsules use gold coated six micron Mylar film diaphragms just like classics.


Optionally but highly recomended for this mic is our very own O.P.R Ck12 capsule upgrade as this is the true sound of the Austrian classic.

AKG's brass Ck12 is the most famous and complicated microphone capsule ever manufactured. and featured in the legendary AKG C12, Telefunken ELA M 251 and 250 microphones as well as the C412, C414 and early additions of the C414EB and C414E1. The sound that featured on classic recordings spanning from rock and pop to jazz blues and classical. This capsule comes as the result of years of painstaking R&D the and EXTREEM attention to detail to recreate THE SOUND! Brilliant detailed high frequency reproduction that reaches across a room and a low frequency extension and proximity effect that no other microphone capsule can offer.


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O.P.R C12