The classic Coles 4038 Ribbon Microphone built by British Broadcasting (BBC) in the 1950's, was and still is one of the most sought after ribbon microphones of all time. 4038 sound is synonymous with classic drum and horn sounds of the past as well and present and can be heard in classic recordings by the Beatles,led Zeppelin and the Rolling stones as well as Nirvana,Radiohead and the White Stripes in more recent times just to name a few...

 The OPR Rocket 4038 is more than a "mod." The ribbon motor assembly and transformer are designed and manufactured from from the ground up in Melbourne Australia. Like the Coles 4038, at the heart of O.P.R ROCKET 4038 is a 0.6 micron pure aluminum ribbon transducer. An extremely low mass transducer capable of capturing even the most delicate of air movements which translates to an extremely detailed yet smooth sound that's true to the source and brings recordings to life!
The next link in the chain is an extraordinarily low noise, low distortion torroidal transformer that further accentuates and replicates the high fidelity, 3d sonics of the BBC Classic.

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