The Rode NT2000 looks great on paper with with "seamlessly variable polar patterns. Its polar patterns selection, filter and pad conveniently located on the front of the microphone body" and "Audiophile quality surface-mount electronics combined with a gold-sputtered dual 1" capsule provide extremely low self-noise (7dBA) and a maximum SPL of 147 dB (up to 157 dB with pad fully engaged) giving an incredible amount of versatility and ensuring exceptional results." True the amplifier is ultra clean and wide open but this only accentuates the hard sounding bright and spitty sounding capsule which lets it down an otherwise interesting and versatile design.


Enter the OPR CK12 MOD

It's important to point out that the capsule and it's housing or "head basket" is the ultimate dictator of the sound of any microphone,  imparting the all important sonic fingerprint or DNA if you will, other components and circuit topology also matter, but but not nearly as much. sound familiar?

With that said going straight to the source and replacing the capsule with a quality unit goes a long way. I use my hand made  Brass ck12 replica which is an accurate multi-chaimbered replica of AKG's original brass Ck12, the capsule that made AKG famous the world over and the capsules used in venerable AKG C12 and Telefunken ELA M251 microphones, which are now fetching $10,000- $30,000 USD on the pro audio market

The mod propels the NT2000  into a completely different league with a smooth yet open sound, airy highs, huge low end and glorious proximity effect that the classic European mics are renowned for.

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OPR CK12 Upgrade for Rode NT2000