like the famous Royer 121, is based on Bang and Olufsen BM5s ribbon microphones. It shares a medium ribbon length and long path design as well as its tubular slotted body, which results in a smooth warm sound, controlled a proximity effect and sought after presence peak. Making it perfect for close miking, electric guitar cabinets, horns, strings, drums and silky smooth vocals. The O.P.R Grill will capture sources with the incredible warmth and realism that will bring your recordings to life!



This is the U-MOD version which has our custom made toroidal transformer and 1.8 micron 99.9% pure aluminum which gives it a sonic quality well beyond it's price point.
The U-MOD Rocket exhibits extremely low noise and distortion and it's 1.8 micron ribbon captures an incredibly accurate and detailed 3D sound.

Comes with shock mount and aluminium flight case.

Prices are excluding GST



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